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Deborah in Suwanee, GA *****
My BFF's daughter, Ansleigh, & Groom, Ryan, wedding cake was the most beautiful and best tasting wedding cake ever! Margaret patiently helped them decide what they wanted, delivered it at the perfect time, and seamlessly set it up exactly where we wanted it! It was perfect! LOVED meeting this sweet woman! Thank you SO much!
Carole in Birmingham, AL *****
After my daughter’s wedding cake plans fell through 3 weeks before the wedding, I was in a panic, but I found Margaret on line and she really came through! The cake was beautiful and delicious! All the guests loved it! Everyone was asking who made it, saying it was one of the best cakes they’d ever had.
Willie in Birmingham, AL *****
I have been a Margaret's customer for almost 10 years. Margaret's cakes are always delicious. I always look forward to seeing her creations! She is very talented and always pleasant and personable.
Janet in Birmingham, AL ****
I have used Margaret's Bakery for several years different occasions and she never dissapoints me.Highly recommend her !!
Valrie in Louisville, KY *****
I live out of town and sent photo of what I wanted. I was worried because I wouldn’t be till the day before my event, but she did a fantastic job. The cake turned out beautiful and taste wonderful.
Lydia in Donnelly, ID **
Those yellow cupcakes were not only so pretty with gummy bears but so delicious. They were eaten quickly. Thanks, Margaret for delivery too. You are a wonderful ambassadress for Cambridge, Idaho
Maxine in BIRMINGHAM, AL *****
This was my first time using this bakery needed a cake done last minute for my goddaughter and they did a wonderful time I would recommend for people to come here because she did her think and I wanna say thank you for everything.
Janae in Birmingham, AL *****
Highlyly recommended service is,always excellent. When it comes to the cakes I'm always over satisfied with the quality. Will continue to order from her.
Victor in Birmingham, AL *****
They are the best
Crystal in Birmingham, AL *****
I'm glad I found this great estibliament. My son just turned 14 and he asked for particular cake this time and I showed it to her and they nailed it. They are so very friendly and welcoming. The kids loved it not only did it taste good it looked amazing.
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