This multi-tiered wedding cake breaks tradition by using the vibrant colors that match the wedding d├ęcor.

WOW Them With Cake

Whether you are the ultimate hostess or a newbie when it comes to throwing a party in Birmingham, AL, Margaret's Bakery can help you add the "WOW" factor to your fabulous event.

Take a birthday party for example - eyes will pop with delight as you bring out one of our birthday cakes colorfully decorated to match your party theme. But, the real cheering will happen the minute they take a bite. 

A wedding reception can go from nice to amazing with the right cake. For instance, a  lavishly decorated multi-tiered cake will attract the attention of all the reception guests and the flavor will have them wanting more.

So what are you waiting for, take your event up-a-notch with one of our wedding cake, party cakes or desserts.

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Let us design the wedding cake of your dreams! It's your special day, therefore, everything must be absolutely ideal. You will remember this day forever. All the details matter, especially your wedding cake. Margaret's Bakery wants to create a wedding cake that is exactly how you envision.  We'll do our part to make your day even more special.

Margaret's Bakery will work with you to design the wedding cake you've always wanted. Whether you desire a traditional, tiered wedding cake, whimsical…

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From simple elegance to elaborately detailed, Margaret's Bakery creates amazing wedding and party cakes to suit each of their clients' styles. Whether you are planning your wedding, birthday party or special event, our cakes will be the center piece of the celebration. They will bring your event to life.

Bakery Services

Don't forget about the dessert at your next party or wedding. Margaret's Bakery creates custom wedding and party cakes of all kinds and designs. From that elegant three-tiered wedding cake, to the topsy-turvy birthday cake — we create just the right cake for you. You'll have the best cake around Birmingham, AL.